What’s My Home Worth?

Many reasons to want to know the current value of your home. A vital factor when considering your options regarding when and where you may want to move to.

Always essential to have a solid, realistic value that when you do decide to list your property for sale that potential buyers will be able to secure financing. For banks and lenders the property becomes the collateral that secures a loan.  So vitally essential to them to have an accurate appraised value that includes information, or comparisons to recent, similar properties to support that valuation.

Getting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) done will help you make sound, well informed decisions not only about what your home will sell for.  But a good report will also help you learn if there are perhaps simple low-cost updates or changes to make helping your property sell faster.  Or in some cases for more money.

Today, many online tools provide a ‘ball-park’ idea of the value of a property. However, always important to understand the ‘art’ to evaluating a property and all the aspects that affect a property’s value to buyers. The computer program that can look at a property with the eye of a seasoned and experienced Selling Agent does not exist.  Therefore, we offer our professional Comparative Market Analysis service to help you make a fully informed decision.  And to be fully prepared when you do decide to sell.

Contact Sam today to get a Professional CMA on your property.  We’ll be in touch to set an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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