Do I Need a Buyers Agent?

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For many of us, especially those who’ve bought a home before, we wonder: do we really need a buyer’s agent? Read on to find out more about what having a buyer’s agent on your team can do for you. The benefits of having your own buyer’s agent go way beyond just helping you find the right property, which can be a challenge in and of itself. There are many online tools to help you narrow down potential properties by the number of bedrooms or baths. There are many nuances and facets of neighborhoods and developments that are beyond the comprehension of even the best computer program.

Touring Homes With You:

A good buyer’s agent will not only tour homes with you, but will also often be able to share tips and anecdotes about the neighborhood, as well as information on area schools and even the specific home itself.

Finding Additional Listings:

It’s hard to believe but sometimes, not all listings are well advertised; especially For Sale By Owner listings (FSBO), and oftentimes, a good buyer's agent will alert a buyer-client of brand new listings before the public can usually find them, and often find properties that have not even hit the market yet."

Negotiation Buffer:

Most of us are not negotiation experts. Your buyer’s agent can help guide and advise you and will prepare your offer. They provide a ‘buffer’ between you and the seller. This will allow you to present a reasonable, realistic offer; one that will also have the best potential to secure the home for you.

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Information & Services Resource:

There are services you undoubtedly will need during the process of buying a home. Your buyer’s agent will be able to help you select and secure home inspection services, mortgage lenders, and closing agents while they help and guide you through the process covering many aspects you may not know or don’t know you need.

Paperwork & Documentation:

Buying a home is a big step, even if you have been through the process before. It goes beyond helping you find a home that’s the best fit for you based on your search criteria, negotiating with the seller to secure the best purchase price and terms, and completing all the legal paperwork required to document your offer and the seller’s acceptance of it. There’s much more to consider to ensure you make a fully informed decision, not only about the home your buy, but also about how and where to find the best lender, home inspection, closing agent, moving services, and much more.

Your home purchase is not only an investment in your future, it can also be a powerful tax benefit as well.